Twenty-something recent grad school graduate and young student affairs professional exploring life and embracing a quarter-life crisis in Chicago.
After lots of time searching, I'm finally figuring out who I am, where I'm going, and how to get there.
This is a visual representation of that journey: things that inspire me, things I love, and things that teach me something new. Join me.
Curated by Katerina Beth.

More about me: Dancer. Pescetarian. Pretend Chef. Northwestern University Double Alumna (BA and MS). Lifelong Learner.
Midwesterner through and through with a longing for both New England and the Pacific Northwest.


My new space by goddessofxanadu on Flickr


The Duck Chalet via Tiny House Blog & Bear Creek Builders

photos via Tiny House Listings

I want to live in one of these asap.

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sliding ladder in the kitchen (via desire to inspire)


I really dig this re-purposed bus.

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Boat House Interior

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