Twenty-something recent grad school graduate and young student affairs professional exploring life and embracing a quarter-life crisis in Chicago.
After lots of time searching, I'm finally figuring out who I am, where I'm going, and how to get there.
This is a visual representation of that journey: things that inspire me, things I love, and things that teach me something new. Join me.
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More about me: Dancer. Pescetarian. Pretend Chef. Northwestern University Double Alumna (BA and MS). Lifelong Learner.
Midwesterner through and through with a longing for both New England and the Pacific Northwest.

{Gratituesday: September 25, 2012}

Today I am grateful for…

  • Finishing up my first month at my new job, and really enjoying it even when it’s hectic.
  • Having a studio apartment I absolutely love
  • My parents offering to bring up the new cat this weekend so she can live with me
  • The awesome summer experience I had (I’m feel very nostalgic now that I’m starting up classes again and summer is officially over)
  • The amazing fall weather Chicago is having this week
  • Finally getting my iPhone replaced after I broke mine in July (it’s dumb, but it makes life so much more convenient)
  • The nice messages I received after I changed my avatar to a picture where you can actually see me.
  • That I did not get a parking ticket for parking longer than two hours. I lost track of time at work and was 20 minutes late moving my car.
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