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{Gratituesday: July 24, 2012}

It has been a really long time since I have done any of my weekly memes. This job has been ridiculously busy, crazy, and most of the time really great, but it hasn’t left much time for Tumblr-ing or much else.

So while I am waiting to head over to the dining hall for lunch…I am grateful for:

  • All the amazing people I’ve been working with the past four weeks and will continue to work with for the next three.
  • Having the opportunity to have such a baller summer gig, despite the inherent challenges. I don’t know of any other job with free housing, free meals, a salary, and the opportunity to chaperone trips to crazy awesome places (e.g. NYC, Broadway shows) and get paid for it. Plus I’m getting some awesome campus programming and teaching experience.
  • That my parents are trying to be helpful in my apartment search back in Chicago while I’m on the East Coast. When I get back I’ll have two weeks to find a place to live, so they’re trying to make it easier for me by trying to narrow some places down.
  • That I’ll get to see my puppy in 3 weeks! I miss her like crazy. I’m also grateful for the people who bring their puppies to the park every morning so I can at least get some puppy playtime in my day, even though it’s not my puppy.
  • To being healthy and having a rockstar immune system. A lot of the staff and the students have come down with all sorts of crazy illnesses while they’ve been here, and I’ve made it through thus far (knock on wood) with just a few brief sore throats and/or being nauseous for a few hours (or the minor headache/stomach ache I have right now). I haven’t been knocked out with bronchitis or the stomach flu that other people have had, so I’m very happy about that, especially considering we all share drinks when we go out and live in close quarters. 
  • Having a night off tonight - it will either be spent catching up on sleep or at weekly trivia, depending on how much energy I conjure up after I’m done teaching and meeting for the day.
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